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Talent may be contacted directly at the phone number in their profile. Studio services including ISDN, phone patch and Source Connect are available. Contact Dan Duckworth at 917-363-9877
If you would like to audition any of these voices on your copy, you can e-mail the copy to the talent and they will get an mp3s audition back to you ASAP!

Click on Voice Sample links below to hear demos.



ELIZABETH ADAMS MILLER (917-892-6713) Vocal range is medium low. Vocal texture has some huskiness, and throatiness. Vocal age range mid to late 30s. Extensive acting and broadcast experience.
Commercial Sample

JAMIE LEIGH ALLEN (646-295-4077) Warm, welcoming, open and inclusive with a wide range from funny-quirky to sultry-sexy to corporate-straight.
Commercial Sample

TONYA MARIE CANADY<--Click on name for personal website. (917.912.8128) Warm medium hi vocal range with a smooth texture. Early 20’s/early 30’s/late teens. Real person, corporate, promo, and commercial experience. Extensive acting and music background. TV, film, musical theatre, opera (6 different languages), gospel, rhythm and blues, pop and jingles. Character types include comedic, caregiver, and authoritative.
Commercial Sample Corporate Sample

MARYANN CARLSON <--Click on name for personal website. (347-601-5337) SAG, AFTRA. Warm, sexy, full of pleasure and zest, this voice is totally irresistible.  Whether she's a seductive single, a young mom, or a happy traveler, Maryann has an ongoing love affair with the product.
Commercial Sample eLearning Sample Corporate Sample Audiobook Sample

CHERYLANNE JAROSLAW (917-796-6306) SAG - Uniquely textured voice. Sultry and sexy rasp with sophistication, believability, warmth and smile. College student to young mother. Low to mid range. Musical Theatre, Film and Television.
Commercial Sample Promo Sample

KRISTIN JOHANSEN<--Click on name for personal website. (917-670-3373) Rich full voice with a warm energy and vitality. Mid to low range, early to late 30's, can sound quirky as well as sexy. Extensive acting background and experience with narration, dubbing, looping, teleprompter.
Commercial Sample

PAMELA LEWIS<--Click on name for personal website. (917-553-3512) SAG & AFTRA. Range from cosmetic to babies. Extensive national experience in cartoon & character voices. Also, film looping and dubbing. National spokes for major political spots.
Commercial Sample Corporate Sample Promo Sample

RAPHAELLE MARTIN (914-319-1146) Low, husky, textured tone. 40's. Versatile range from sardonic to sexy, sarcastic to sensuous. The Bronx takes on Chappaqua. An uptown girl with an attitude. Boisterous to intimate.
Commercial Sample Medical Narration Sample

GRACE MUNIU<--Click on name for personal website. (646-509-3617) Unique sound-slightly British, Believable, pleasing/captivating, young and character/cartooning sounding, Comforting/story teller/convincing to kids, playfully- funny, shy to mysterious, Slightly Eartha Kitt. Fluent Swahili and Kikuyu.
Commercial Sample

MELISSA S. O'CONNELL (347-598-2420) Mid to high vocal range--Late teens to late 20's. Upbeat, perky, friendly, hip and sassy. Personable and fun to quirky and sarcastic, from sassy college student or fun girlfriend to hip young mom or perky co-worker.
Commercial Sample

KIRSTEN OTT (917-370-6288) Low-mid vocal range, 30s-40s. Broad emotional range, from warm to sexy to sarcastic. Good comedic timing. Extensive singing background and acting training.
Commercial Sample Corporate Sample

DYNA C. REEVES <--Click on name for personal website. (201-951-7703) Versatile with a voice range from late teens to late 40s. From high pitched mom next door to low toned CEO of a fortune 500 corporation giving a speach. Background in radio and music. Can also help with jingles.
Commercial Sample

MAYBETH RYAN <--Click on name for personal website. (917-836-1266) National TV and Radio spots.  Versatile, mellifluous, dulcet commercial sound, authoritative spokesperson.  Mid-30s/mid 40s.  Extensive acting and presentation background - medical and corporate.
Commercial Sample

LINDEL SANDLIN<--Click on name for personal website. (646-207-0753) SAG-AFTRA. Mellow, captivating sound with a smiling charm; rich mid to low vocal tones; 40s.  Warm mom to sexy cougar to upscale professional. Great comic timing; highly proficient with medical and legal terminology.
Commercial Sample Medical Narration Sample Narration Sample Character Sample

SO-CHUNG SHINN (212-875-9605) Upbeat, friendly, and energetic. Natural young mom, to authoritative, confident spokes person, to elegant, and sophisticated. Late 20s to early 30s. Mid to high vocal range. Neutral North American. Fluent Korean.
Commercial Sample Children's Book Sample

DIANA P. VEGA (646-369-2706) Mid to lower range, textured voice. Age range-mid to late 30's. Also, fluent Spanish.
Commercial Sample Spanish Sample


STEVE BERNER <--Click on name for personal website. (845-392-4575) Mid-40s to Senior. Deep, warm, authoritative with texture. Commercials, documentary, corporate, and audiobook narrations.
Commercial Sample Audiobook Sample Corporate Sample Narration Sample eLearning Sample

ERIC BRUENNER (516-241-5347). Textured baritone. Resonant, deep, warm, comforting, creditable. A voice to confide in.
Commercial Sample

DARRYL COLON (570-977-0890) Textured. Warm reassuring overtones. Tough guy to child friendly. Compassion, sincerity. Extensive training in vocal arts, music and spoken word. Sophisticated and urbane to urban and down home.
Commercial Sample Promo Sample

GENE COPPOLA (201-315-6642) Young grandfather. A bit of Wilford Brimley. Mature business man. Folksy, friendly.
Commercial Sample Corporate Sample

MIKE CALLAHAN<--Click on name for personal website. (212-374-9536) Mid 40's to Fifty. Next door neighbor to folksy spokesperson. Warm trustworthy sound. Friendly corporate narrations.
Commercial Sample Corporate Sample

DAN DUCKWORTH (917-363-9877) SAG & AFTRA. Network v/o's and radio spots. Strong clean baritone. Extensive acting & narrating background. Mid-30's/mid-40's. Corporate and medical narration.
Commercial Sample Corporate Sample

ARMAND GAZES (917-923-0420) Mature 40s baritone voice. Strong narration and technical skills.
Commercial Sample

KEITH HAYNES (929-270-3606) Vocal range mid to late 30s. Warm baritone. 
Medical and corporate narration experience. Extensive commercial and 
on-camera credits.
Commercial Sample Medical Narration Sample Promo Sample Documentary Narration Sample Audiobook Sample

BILL KRAKAUER (212-724-7933) 50s to 60s. Young grandfather, corporate executive. Warm, friendly to authoritative and knowledgeable.
Commercial Sample

PHIL LEE (212-645-2228) SAG & AFTRA. Warm "real person" sound. Also, corporate narration. Baritone spokes.
30's to 40's.
Commercial Sample Corporate Sample

ALAN PINTER (917-512-2960) AFTRA/SAG. Mid to late 40s. Heavy broadcast and corporate experience.
Commercial Sample Corporate Sample Promo Sample

JAMES RANA (201-320-6197) Warm, friendly. Mid 20's to early 30's. Extensive feature film, television, and theatre credits. Numerous corporate films. Specialize in Middle Eastern/South Asian dialect.
Commercial Sample Medical Sample Audiobook Sample

GREGG RIZZO (917-328-1431) Gregg Rizzo, a voice talent and actor, based in New York City, records commercials and audiobooks from his professional home studio. Available anytime for auditions and voice work.
Commercial Sample

MATTHEW ROSENZWEIG <--Click on name for personal website. (347-842-0808) Upbeat, conversational, persuasive delivery. 30s to 60s. Playful and humorous,
but always sincere, creative and versatile. Trustworthy neighbor, slightly quirky character. Successfully conveys message, generates interest. Effectively connects with audience.
Commercial Sample Narration Sample Character Sample

JAMES SAPPHO (917-439-7311) Warm, romantic, soothing baritone. 30's to 40's, serious to silly. Classically trained actor/musician.
Commercial Sample Corporate Sample

MILES VIDOR (646-469-6641) Deep, rich sound. Early to late 30s. Experienced professional musician and vocalist. Fluent Spanish.
Commercial Sample


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